So you want to help us, that’s great! Help is always welcome, for this endeavour is not just for the benefit of a few, it is for everyone!

There are several things you can do on your own to help us with our goals. One thing you can do is start a local gardening or urban farming club, ask permission to use an empty lot in your community and tell them about becoming a self-sustaining community, and the importance of farmers, and share the website to the community. Small steps that shows progress is a great platform where you can share our message, not to mention you get all the free veggies and fruits your group grows.

Another way is by simply sharing the site and the message, through word of mouth, social media, and any other platform you might know of. Of course, share it in a way that wouldn’t seem annoying or self-righteous, some people have things going on with their lives that they can actively help. Just inform and share nothing more nothing less.

Use our message and materials for your projects in schools (as long as it is a related subject) in order to educate your classmates and teachers about the matter. School is not just a place to take knowledge from but to also to share.

If you would like to start a group of your own with the same message, we encourage it, and the message can spread faster with more groups and people talking about it. If you have an existing group, incorporate what we are trying to share to your agenda.

Even something as simple as buying from and supporting local producers and farms is a way of helping our message. Through small things you can make a huge difference, because every action you take affects everyone.


Thank you for giving your time to know more about us through our site. Through just this I know that you care enough to know more about your community and our message, you have already made a difference.

Keep fighting the good fight, and allow our children and their children’s children to have the same privileges, if not more, that we enjoy today. They deserve a future where they are fed well, and can breathe the same clean air we are able to enjoy, and it is our job to make sure that they would be able to.


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