Blue Finger Alliance advocates the preservation of Grade 1 Agricultural lands, through notifying the community and educating them of the importance of preserving such lands. Throughout the years, due to urbanization and land development, many of these types of lands have dwindled in size and number. While lands viable for farming is somewhat plentiful, lands of these quality that could allow high quality high yielding crops should be considered as a national heritage.

The way we do things is simple; we identify the lands and notify the local government and community of their importance. Admittedly though we don’t always win, maybe through the ideas and actions of new members like you we could do more and protect the lands that would one day feed our children.

Even if you do not wish to actively play a role, we ask you to at least spread the information and importance of grade 1 agricultural lands to your friends and family. This is for everyone, for the future of our children and countrymen.

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