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Are Hybrid Fruits and Vegetables Good for Your Health?

Hybridization happens when two closely related plants are cross-pollinated to create an off-spring or hybrid, that contains the best traits of each of the parents. Though, we may see this as a man-made phenomenon and call it artificial or even man-enabled variety in today’s question, this phenomenon happens quite frequently in nature.

So Are They Bad?

It is a myth that hybrid fruits and vegetables are not good for your health. The combining of genetic material to create something different has been taking place since the beginning of life on the planet. It is widely held belief among scientists and experts that that not only all fruit, including heirloom types are hybrids, all vegetable and animals too are hybrids. Contrary to popular notion, everything that has ever been consumed is a hybrid. The simple fact that hybrid fruits and vegetables are normally fertile, leads us to believe that they are close to the metabolic and biochemical processes that have developed from evolution over millions of years. However, there are grounds or evidence to show that hybrids are as healthy as the originals. Among scientists, it is believed that hybrids provide a higher number of nutrients, due to a better utilization of soil, solar resources and root systems that have enhanced its quality and resistance. So, to conclude the argument: no, hybrid fruits and vegetables are not bad for your health.

What Research Says.

Continuous research and development has led to improved products in the market. Hybrid products are the ultimate product of consistent research by the agricultural scientists. Looking back yesteryears we can confidently claim manifold production in each varieties of cultivation. To say that these products are inferior in quality is not correct. However, one should take precautionary step with respect to the use of excess pesticide for the protection of resultant varieties. Vegetables and Fruits are to be thoroughly washed prior to its use so that it does not pass on in the process of cooking. Apart from this, there is no other draw back in consumption of hybrid products. In some cases, these products contain added nutritive values because of cross breeding two different plants. Organic products are relatively costlier due to better maintenance and preservation of the products.

They Do Provide Us with Variety.

Had it not been for hybridization we would not have known/discovered the wonderful Tayberry (a cross between Blackberry and Raspberry), Rabbage (Cabbage and Radish) or Pluot (Plum and Apricot). They are some of the wonders discovered through the process of hybridization and are consumed and appreciated by food enthusiasts all over the world.

It Can Even be Beneficial.

You cannot argue with the health benefits of Brokali, a cross between kale and broccoli. It is a purple Cauliflower. The purple color comes from the higher levels of antioxidants called Anthocyanins that are also found in abundance in blueberries and red cabbage. Anthocyanins may reduce the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer as well as be important for brain health. Plus, purple cauliflower certainly adds color to the dinner plate. You have more options than ever when it comes to “coloring” your dinner plate with the advent of hybridization.

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Starting an Urban Farm

Are you looking for a weekend project for you and your family to enjoy? Do you live in the city? If so, why not try to start a small urban farming project with your family and friends. You don’t need a huge space to do so, just find a small are in the community, it could be an empty lot, your building’s rooftop, a small veranda, or basically anything you can put pots and plants in. The advantages of having one and the enjoyment you, your family and friends will have are worth all that work. It’s also fairly easy to start.

My Experience starting my own Urban Farm

A few months back, I started a small tomato farm on a small patch of soil near the alley of my apartment, of course, I asked permission with the land lord to do so, and he and a few tenants were happy to join in and help. The whole experience allowed everyone in the building to bond in a way we never had, in fact, I believe that it enabled us to grow closer with each other.

Within a few weeks the once barren area that is the alley, became a small garden. The change was because we all chipped in and took turns watering and cleaning our little tomato farm. Weeks turned to months and our farm had its firs harvest. Everyone had a share of the tomato harvest, even the land lord, who also helped maintain the farm.

Thinking back, I was just free and wanted to do something with my weekends, the whole tomato farm was merely a whim of mine. What allowed it to succeed was the community coming together to and turning the farm into a reality.

Why Start Your Own

The tomatoes we grew is probably one of the best tomatoes I ever had, not because of the soil (Truth be told we didn’t even think it would grow anything), but because it was the product of hard work done by a community that came together. When it comes to projects, what is important is not the result but the effect that it gives to a community.

If you don’t think the prospect of all the tomatoes, or whatever crop you plant, you can eat is worth it. Then let it be because of how it could bring your family, friends, and community together.


This online community’s goal is the preservation of Grade 1 agricultural lands, a goal of my own as well, but in order to reach your goal you must be able to gather like-minded people together First, through a project that might or might not be related to the goal, because if you are alone, you will not be able to do much.  Make friends, connect, associate through common interests with people and share. That is the key to success.

An urban farm is a wonderful way to get a community together… while at the same time gets free veggies.

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Paying As Low As Possible For Tree Stump Removal

When I have an unusual duty around your house that I have to do, I always search for a means to do it that will certainly provide me an appropriate outcome for the least amount of loan feasible. In some cases that’s a difficult thing to do. I never ever wish to invest a lot of loan when there may be a basic and also cost-effective option around to my particular problem.

Naturally all of us recognize the simple escape when it concerns house enhancement chores, just employ the pros. Nonetheless, the easiest service is not constantly the most inexpensive when specialists bill high costs. That’s why I always wonder if I can conserve loan doing it myself and/or tricking a good friend into aiding me. Remarkably, I typically have an extremely difficult time discovering less costly solutions that will certainly turn out equivalent top quality and hassle-free outcomes than simply allowing the pros do it. Think of all the unexpected expenses that would certainly gather if my cheaper-than-the-pros suggestion goes terribly wrong. For instance I could begin a stump removal project, if I don’t obtain it right the very first time my other half will certainly make me hire a specialist anyhow. Then relying on my strategy, I would certainly have to include the price of either leasing equipment that didn’t function appropriately, or devices that I damaged while digging, or dynamite plus whatever else gets harmed by the surge to the complete cost of the task. I could wind up paying greater than double what the specialist will certainly credit do the hard work for me and that does not consist of the tree stump disposal cost. I have to advise myself in some cases not to bite off greater than I could eat.

Monroe tree services

But I’m not saying that employing the pros is constantly the most effective option out there either. Lets say I have a close friend that needed to get rid of a stump before and finds out about an exceptional stump cleaner item that works otherwise he or she might have experience in stump grinding as well as could give me recommendations on running the maker. If I can obtain more info about less costly stump elimination approaches and I’m confident that I can be successful, after that I just might be able to save some money. My cost to get rid of a stump can be considerably lowered.

You can hire experts or try alternative techniques to obtain the work done. You can conserve cash if you adequately understand the alternating technique you choose and could do the work yourself. Below are a few typical techniques of stump elimination that have helped lots of people. All you need to do is ask yourself one concern. Which one will cost you the least quantity of your difficult generated income after the work is finally done?

1. Blast the stump overpriced with dynamites.
2. Draw it from the ground with a truck as well as chain.
3. Dig it out with heavy machinery.
4. Quicken the deteriorating procedure by applying chemical stump cleaner.
5. Conventional digging with landscape design tools.
6. Diy stump grinding.
7. Employ a stump grinding service company.

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Using The Right Pesticides

You might have heard a lot of “research” that discredits organic pesticides, but most of them fail to talk about how these kinds of pesticides help with keeping things balanced. A1 grade lands are diminishing every year due to land development, so we have to be careful what we put in this precious land. If you really have to choose more conventional pesticides, I would suggest searching for the most suitable, knowledgeable, and best Pest Control Chula Vista.  There should be a good number of professional pest control experts who knows what pesticide to use without harming the health of the soil.

I can’t really say much more about this but just to be careful on what chemicals to use for your farming, there are a lot out there that promises a lot of things like better yield and such but does not tell you the price you pay and the toll it puts into the soil. We have done this for years to our farm lands, slowly lessening the quality of the soil and now greatly depending on chemicals that damage the land even further.

Small growers are the future, as well as urban farming. Allow yourself to be part of the change and the start of a greener self-sustaining future.

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Agriculturists Problems: Dirty Carpets

Every day of my life, I always go to sandy, muddy, clayey places, which I love and do for a good cause. The problem with this is getting my carpets dirty, while the solution is as simple as getting boots and outside shoes separate from inside footwear; my busy life allows me to forget to take off those dirty boots sometimes.

Cleaning grade 1 agricultural soil out of the carpet is surprisingly more difficult compared to cleaning out regular soil; this might be because of it being rich in minerals and nutrients which allow it to grow excellent produce. Fortunately enough my friends from Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Care knows how to deal with such a problem, so much so that I have decided to schedule a weekly cleaning service with them.


Laundry Problems

Jumpsuit or not, boots or just regular construction shoes, dirty clothes will always be part of the job. I honestly found it difficult for me to fins a laundry shop that would take my dirty clothes, which forced me to do my laundry. If you ever think about entering a profession that requires you to do literally dirty jobs, you should invest in a good washing machine, one that also dries your clothes as it would save you time and money.


Shoe Problems

I hate cleaning and shining my work shoes, gone are the days where you could find someone at the corner of your street to shine your shoes! I once tried throwing my shoes into my washing machine, something I highly recommend you not to do. Best thing to do is to use boots as much as possible, because who cares if those are clean or not, right?

You shouldn’t be surprised if your shoe easily wears out, apart from working on the mud, you do a lot of hiking on rough terrain when you work in a field like agriculture, or anything similar to it.


Overall I Still Love What I Do

No matter what the drawbacks and hardships you face, when you love your job there is nothing that could put you down.  What I do is for the future of our children and their children’s children, and I love agriculture and farming, I find it fulfilling. I know for a fact that I will find more difficulties as time goes on, one example is my aging body, but as long as I am capable, I will continue to fight on and do my job.

When the time comes that I can no longer be on the field, then I will start to teach the next generation, for it is my duty to not only spread awareness to the common folk but also to educate and pass on the skills that I have acquired to the next generation. For now, I say this; “Body Ache, Dirty clothes, carpets, and shoes, bring it on! I will continue to do my work as long as I can!” Once you find a passion like mine, don’t let it pass you, follow it!

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