Be Consistent With Your Potty Training

No parents want to compromise a child’s mental, physical, intellectual and psychological development. Start developing your child now and see the remarkable transformation you and your child will experience. There is no denial that potty training is not as easy as a walk in the park. It demands a lot of time and requires conditioning of the mind. Yes, parents, you should know that potty training is not an overnight process. It is a roller coaster ride that you and your child have to encounter for the betterment of his or her growth and development.

Although it will take longer to get your child to potty, remember that you have to make it day by day. Do not be in a hurry because learning is not supposed to be hurried as all potty training guide advice. Perhaps you are now at the stage of trying to get your baby boy or baby girl to get into the potty and more often than not, in your dismay, nothing seems to go as planned. That is normal. Potty training is not always successful at first trial or second trial. What you have to do is to execute a potty train a day.

What does potty train a day means? Well, it says that you have to prepare your child to use the potty daily. Encourage your child to go to the potty every time he or she needs to flush out waste. You may ask your child questions like, Do you need to go? Or Is it coming now? And show him or her your smiling face impliedly saying that the potty is waiting for him or her. There is no need for extreme physical force. Relax and let the child make up his or her mind to go to the potty. However, it will be helpful to ask every day if he or she needs to go to without mentioning the word potty. Right then and there your child will know what you mean and will wittingly use the potty.

Usually, setting a schedule or journal for potty training would be a great help. It will keep you and your child on track to what both of you have accomplished for the day. By the next day, you will not have a hard time dealing with the potty training. You can list down what to do next, and one by one accomplish what is on the list. When you potty train a day you will have more time to relax and enjoy with your child. As soon as potty training ends, you do not have to worry anymore plus both of you will be more bonded, and your child will grow to be a happy and healthy child.