Agriculturists Problems: Dirty Carpets

Every day of my life, I always go to sandy, muddy, clayey places, which I love and do for a good cause. The problem with this is getting my carpets dirty, while the solution is as simple as getting boots and outside shoes separate from inside footwear; my busy life allows me to forget to take off those dirty boots sometimes.

Cleaning grade 1 agricultural soil out of the carpet is surprisingly more difficult compared to cleaning out regular soil; this might be because of it being rich in minerals and nutrients which allow it to grow excellent produce. Fortunately enough my friends from Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Care knows how to deal with such a problem, so much so that I have decided to schedule a weekly cleaning service with them.


Laundry Problems

Jumpsuit or not, boots or just regular construction shoes, dirty clothes will always be part of the job. I honestly found it difficult for me to fins a laundry shop that would take my dirty clothes, which forced me to do my laundry. If you ever think about entering a profession that requires you to do literally dirty jobs, you should invest in a good washing machine, one that also dries your clothes as it would save you time and money.


Shoe Problems

I hate cleaning and shining my work shoes, gone are the days where you could find someone at the corner of your street to shine your shoes! I once tried throwing my shoes into my washing machine, something I highly recommend you not to do. Best thing to do is to use boots as much as possible, because who cares if those are clean or not, right?

You shouldn’t be surprised if your shoe easily wears out, apart from working on the mud, you do a lot of hiking on rough terrain when you work in a field like agriculture, or anything similar to it.


Overall I Still Love What I Do

No matter what the drawbacks and hardships you face, when you love your job there is nothing that could put you down.  What I do is for the future of our children and their children’s children, and I love agriculture and farming, I find it fulfilling. I know for a fact that I will find more difficulties as time goes on, one example is my aging body, but as long as I am capable, I will continue to fight on and do my job.

When the time comes that I can no longer be on the field, then I will start to teach the next generation, for it is my duty to not only spread awareness to the common folk but also to educate and pass on the skills that I have acquired to the next generation. For now, I say this; “Body Ache, Dirty clothes, carpets, and shoes, bring it on! I will continue to do my work as long as I can!” Once you find a passion like mine, don’t let it pass you, follow it!