All About AR Drones – Frequently Asked Questions

Worth the investment?

Yes definitely. It is lower compared to the cost of placing a fair 450 held in the atmosphere, and I think the secondhand amount will likely be good in case I get fed up with. No regrets on the price per smile I believe.

The inadequate range on WiFi?

I’ve yet to possess the Wifi to reduce on me, so it appears in excess of advertising up to now.


Is the digital camera slow?

From time to time of course. Often it is smooth and fast, and sometimes it stutters. Not ideal for FPV, put in your cam process for which. Nevertheless, the video stream is enjoyable and that is exactly what this particular bird is concentrated on

Simpler to fly with no camera but considering it?

Sure I’m unsure whether it’s me and also my personal hell flying habits, though I am mainly seeing the AR Drone itself, exploring the screen just in case I can remember it’s videos on it

More effectively with a 2.4GHz program?

Might be fantastic to present the option to fly with a 2.4 transmitter. Still feels strange controlling by tilting the iPad.

Decent in wind flow?

A lot better than I expected at first. It is a bit rough but appears to hold up well overall

Better at hanging than shifting around?

Better at hovering where there’s an obvious ground texture. See those promotional videos with a wildly patterned floor? I think that’s getting the best holding outcome from the bad facing camera. It’s significantly less great on grass, drifting within around a foot around. Forward flight seems to be actual simple, a lot better at each than I was wanting.


Well indeed and no. It is likely to break in case you drive into a structure. It’s not that tough but it’s a more powerful feeling than I feared it’ll be. I assume it will keep up a great deal much better compared to your common RTF small heli. Let us wait and watch just how it holds up.

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