Tips on How To Use Commercial Popcorn Poppers and Makers

In case you’re trying to purchase or maybe lease a commercial popcorn popper on your school, charity or office event there are many factors to think about before deciding on the most effective machine to suit your needs. Below are some useful tips from Leelalicious to make sure your visitors enjoy a fun, tasty popcorn snack at your function of the fundraiser.

Size of Machine

The scale of the machine you need to buy or even lease is determined by how big the task will be. The dimensions of a machine refer straight to the quantity of 1-ounce helpings of popped corn the popper is able to develop in a single cycle. Many popcorn creators take anywhere between 3 to 4 minutes to finish a cycle. The size you pick correlates with the number of one-ounce servings you require and just how quickly you’re likely to have them.

Functioning associated with a Commercial Style Popcorn Maker

In case you rent or maybe buy a commercial popcorn popper it’s suggested you stick to the operating manual or even directions very carefully. When you do not have teaching then the following actions are going to help you manage a fundamental commercial popcorn maker:

  • Turn on the kettle switch as well as the lamp or even warming deck switch
  • While the kettle is warming measure out the kernels, oil, and salt or perhaps seasoning
  • Open the kettle lid
  • Pour the engine oil into the kettle
  • Pour the salt or even flavored seasoning into the kettle
  • Pour the kernels into the kettle
  • Close the kettle lid
  • Close the forward doors of your popcorn popper o Let the unit endure the cycle. Most machines take approximately three to four minutes to complete one cycle
  • Tilt the kettle and permit it to totally clear out o Never forget to switch off the kettle switch once the device is performed popping.
  • You are able to go on and go out of the warming switch on while you’re serving and while there’s always popcorn seated in the machine

Kinds of Oil

The oil type using will directly impact the flavor of your popped corn. Coconut oil is probably the most famous used since it’s that nostalgic popcorn flavor everybody loves. Sunflower, peanut, soy, and canola oil may also be used often. Canola oil contains the least amount of body fat content and cholesterol. Ideal for healthy eaters!

Popcorn Seasoning

It’s suggested using popcorn seasoning which is particularly created being added indirectly to the kettle of any popcorn maker. This type of seasoning contains anti-caking additives that will keep the seasoning from clumping and also allows it to disperse consistently during the swallowing cycle.


Most popcorn manufacturers can be wiped down after usage. You must certainly not submerge a kettle in virtually any liquid type since it might short out the electric components inside. Some other surfaces could be washed with soapy water and wiped dry. The outside of the device may be washed with daily glass cleaner.

Maintenance and Replacement Parts

Commercial popcorn poppers and manufacturers typically come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. This protects labor and parts when the printer has a problem. When renting a machine you need to spend the additional fee for maintenance or insurance. This’s covering you from any unexpected operating issues and crashes. Replacement parts could be found straight through the producer or online.

Those’re only a couple of suggestions to maximize your profit from buying or leasing a commercial popcorn developer for a new event. Be ready as well as pop some fun!