Why You Should Shop for Newer Hair Brush Choices – See and Feel the Difference

Buying a new hairbrush is just as important as buying shampoo and conditioner. Both of these products go hand in hand, and the choice you make for your next hairbrush will have an effect on your whole hair care routine. After all, your hairbrush is the closest thing to your scalp that you’ll get.

Choosing a bad brush can cause damage, even if it’s just temporary. The first thing you need to consider when choosing your hairbrush is what kind of hair you have. If you have fine hair, a small to medium-sized bristle brush will do. A large, full-sized brush will make your hair unmanageable and dry, and it may strain your scalp.

You can buy special hairbrush holders to store your brushes properly; however, they can be a bit pricy. The style of your hair will also play a big role in the brush you choose. Straight hair tends to require a finer hairbrush, while curly hair will need a bouncy hairbrush that helps to tame curls.

For styles like this, you’ll have to go to a beauty salon and get professionally fitted with the right style. Just like everything else in life, the more expensive the product, the better quality it’ll be. Your face shape will also determine what kind of hairbrush you should be buying.

Small, oval faces tend to do well with softer bristles, whereas long and lean faces need to buy a stiffer brush. Most importantly, consider how often you’ll use the brush before buying a new one. You can save yourself from spending a lot of money by buying a cheaper replacement than you use. A great choice is a Boar Bristle Brush as displayed in

The best time to buy a brush is after you’ve shampooed your hair and have your makeup done. When you’re finished washing your hair and putting on make-up, run a comb through your hair to remove any tangles. Once that’s done, pull your hair back into a short ponytail and brush through it with your fingers, starting at the bottom of your head.

Make sure to gently comb through your hair, as you don’t want to hurt yourself while combing. Now that you’re done brushing, take your dominant finger and slowly start to comb through your hair. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top, working your way down again. This ensures that you get even coverage.

Also, consider your face shape when buying a brush. If you have a long face, you’ll want to purchase a wide-tooth comb that will get you the most bang for your buck. Also, take into consideration the material that the brush is made from. It’s best to go with natural hair brushes, especially if you’re going to use them often.

If you use synthetic ones, they can cause hair damage and irritation. Some synthetic materials are so hard they can break your hair if you hit them hard enough. Hairbrushes made from human hair are great, especially if you don’t like changing your brush often.

When you’re buying a new hairbrush, don’t forget to consider how many holes there are in the handle. There are some hairbrushes that have more than one hole, and these can be very handy for styling certain types of hair. Try to buy brushes that have at least two holes, preferably three.

You’ll be thankful you did once you notice that you can loosen up the grip a little if need be. Keeping your grip on your brush tight can actually cause your hairbrush to fall out of your hands, so try to keep it loose.