Fixing Blocked Drains at Home – Top Tips and Tricks to Try

If your plumber ever tells you that you’re going to need to do some fixing up with blocked drains, then listen closely. You want him or her to be able to explain all of the things that can contribute to a clogged drain.

You don’t want any part of your plumbing problem to go untreated, so make sure that he or she is willing to address all of your problems. A good plumber will always be willing to help you out when you have drain problems.

Let’s say that you did some fixing up at home, and the clog wasn’t that big of an issue. But, it was back to work before you knew it, and now you have another party looking for a plumber because your drainage repair costs are more than the cost of the repair itself.

What’s worse is that the other party is getting even less money than you are. The entire bill could easily exceed what you spent on fixing the clog! This is why it’s so important to let the professionals do their job and get you back on track.

There are many reasons why your plumber may suggest you use a professional for your fixing blocked drain job. Let’s go over some of them so that you’ll be better prepared for whatever service they want to do. First, your plumbing needs to be cleared out to avoid problems like roots taking hold.

Another reason is that if the blockage is too big, your plumber may suggest that you hire a professional to clear it out for you. And, thirdly, relining can be a good way to fix your drainage problem, especially if it’s caused by something like tree roots.

Blocked drains are a common problem in apartment complexes and residential areas. Blocked drains happen for many reasons. Usually, they are caused by an appliance or plumbing system that is dirty, damaged, or just not working properly.

This causes the area around the blocked drain to become damp or moist. Because this is an eyesore and an inconvenience, most apartment managers and homeowners would rather have a professional drain cleaning service to do the repairs instead of trying to clean up the mess themselves.

Professional drain cleaning service is usually very expensive. Not only do professional contractors need to buy the equipment and chemicals needed to do the work, but they also pay for the workers themselves.

Landlords, on the other hand, usually foot the bill for the workers, unless the residents living in the building are responsible for the repairs. For landlords, fixing blocked drains is a great way to cut down on expenses and increase property value. Josh of Total Relining Solutions has a couple of handy suggestions that will make your drain run down smoothly.

If you are wondering how a plumber can help in fixing blocked drains, it’s really quite simple. A good plumber knows the best way to clear clogs from pipes without calling in the professional services of a pipe-cleaning company.

For example, a plumber might be able to clear out a grease blockage in a bathtub by first using a jet of water to loosen the blockage then by carefully removing the blocked and clogging area with a plunger.

Afterward, the plumber would probably suggest putting some epoxy or special drain cleaning product in the blocked area to let the water flow freely once more. Many times, the plumber would simply remove the obstruction and dispose of the used product.

Professional drain cleaners can also help in fixing blocked drains because these professionals know that pipes should be fixed and which shouldn’t be. For example, some homeowners make the mistake of ignoring cracks and holes in their toilets until the problem gets worse.

As a result, the pipes might develop serious damage that could lead to blocked drains and even potential flooding of the entire home. Professionals in the plumbing industry also know the right tools for fixing blocked drains, tools that you don’t normally see used by plumbers.

For example, if you need to repair a pipe behind a wall, the professional might suggest using some special tools like an air compressor to blast away the accumulated dirt and debris.

The easiest way to help in fixing blocked drains is to simply keep your toilet and sinks as clean as possible. This is because keeping these areas as clean as possible helps in clearing out the build-up of solid materials such as grease, hair, and food particles.

It also helps in preventing future blockages from occurring because solid wastes tend to adhere to the sides of pipes and trap other materials like liquids and gases.

As such, using a high-pressure hose while flushing garbage and toilet fluids go a long way in ensuring that the drain blocks get cleared out unharmed. Finally, it’s always best to hire the help of a professional when fixing drainage problems because it’s too dangerous to try and fix things on your own.