Natural Hair Growth Tips and Tricks You Should Know – Recommendations to Try

Aloe Vera is among the most frequently used and prescribed Ayurvedic natural treatments for hair loss. When used regularly, it will prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Its anti-bacterial properties allow the clearing of flakes and dandruff from your scalp and your hair.

The ayurvedic herb stimulates hair follicular function and promotes hair re-growth. There are different ways to prepare a good natural remedy. In this article, I have provided the best herbs for this purpose. Consult your grandmother and go in for a natural treatment made of these herbs.

Otherwise, you may use some of these herbs in their raw form. I have given the raw forms below. Black seed oil is an excellent natural hair growth herb. It is a popular and renowned Ayurvedic treatment for thinning hair. It promotes the growth of hair on bald spots.

The oil from the seeds of the black seed is diluted in turmeric and can be applied to the scalp and hair; it is best suited for men and women. For men, it is very helpful in preventing premature graying. It can be used as shampoos and as a natural moisturizer.

The active ingredient in it is 20% of Minoxidil which helps stimulate the follicles and nourishes them. A lot of other nutrients including vitamins, protein, minerals are also present in it which helps in stimulating hair growth and improving the health of your follicles.

A regular massage of your scalp with coconut oil and ghee will increase blood circulation in your scalp and give strength to your hair strands. This helps them to grow well and prevent any loss. Regular and proper circulation of blood in the scalp keeps your strands in good shape. Make sure you browse through the many choices available on products from Immortals Path as well.

If there is poor or no blood circulation, your hair strands will easily break and you may lose strands at alarming rates. Coconut oil contains a great quantity of natural fatty acids. One such oil is called capric acid. This oil is very beneficial in the treatment of fungal infections and has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties too.

This anti-fungal property helps to fight against dandruff. You can easily apply coconut oil to your hair and scalp and get relief from the problems associated with dryness and hair fall. If you use pure lavender oil in your hair, then you can easily make your hair healthy and shiny.

As these oils are known for their deodorizing and antibacterial properties, they have been used for ages for keeping hair healthy. You can easily make your hair grow faster if you can keep your hair clean and fresh. Massaging with egg shampoo, coconut oil, and almond oil regularly will help you to improve the texture and quality of your hair.

If you want to give a unique look to your hair, then you can also try a hair mask. Hair masks can be prepared by mixing egg shampoo, coconut oil, olive oil, and lavender oil in equal quantity and applying the paste to your hair. You can also try a paste made up of aloe vera and lemon juice for faster hair growth and healthy hair.

Another natural hair growth treatment is ginseng. Ginseng has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. It is used as an essential tonic to promote the health of the central nervous system, improve circulation, and boost the immune system of the body.

Long-term use of ginseng can strengthen hair strands by strengthening the hair follicles. You can either boil ginseng in water or extract the essence of ginseng and use it in your hair. Vitamin B is considered to be the best anti-aging vitamin for hair growth.

Beta carotene or vitamin B is responsible for ensuring that your eyes appear bright. It is necessary to boost the supply of these essential vitamins to get a good result. To improve the quality of your skin and nails, then you need to take a dose of vitamin B complex along with the regular intake of vitamins C, D, and E.

Besides these, another natural hair growth treatment is the use of dandruff shampoo. This herb is popularly known as Indian gooseberry. This herb possesses powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that kill bacteria and viruses causing dandruff.

Using dandruff shampoo on a regular basis will ensure that your scalp remains clean and odor-free thereby reducing itchiness and flaking. Amla, found in the southern part of India, is another excellent remedy to overcome premature graying hair.

Amla contains plenty of antioxidants, which help the cells to grow healthy. Therefore, regular massaging with amla oil (made from dried-out milkweed leaves) will ensure the proper growth of your hair.