Must-Have Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

There are a number of must-have marketing tools. These include MailChimp, CoSchedule, LeeTags, We Can Track, and others. We are going to focus on those that are useful for generating leads and building lists. But there are other tools that are just as useful. These are a few tools that are extremely beneficial for business owners. If you are interested in learning more about these tools, continue reading to discover some great examples.


In order to reach customers effectively, it’s essential for small business owners to understand their audience demographics. Mailchimp allows you to segment your audience and send personalized emails based on this information. You can also create customer journeys that enable you to track your customers’ behavior and make adjustments accordingly. Mailchimp’s Customer Journeys feature makes it easy to build meaningful conversations with your audience. It works well with any number of fans, whether it’s just one. It also lets you measure customer satisfaction and test new ideas with surveys.

For those in need of email marketing, Mailchimp is the best choice. This tool allows you to create and manage email campaigns, as well as send ad campaigns. It provides complete transparency and allows you to view success rates and click-through rates for each email. You can also generate custom reports based on your email marketing efforts and use them to improve your ROI. Mailchimp is easy to use and does not require advanced technical skills to implement.

For smaller businesses, Mailchimp is probably the best option, as well as checking out this gohighlevel review. While it doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge, it offers all the basic components of online marketing. Medium-sized businesses may want to try ActiveCampaign, while large enterprises may want to use Klaviyo, which integrates with Shopify. Email lists are vital for small and medium businesses, and Mailchimp allows you to build an email list for marketing purposes. And because Mailchimp also includes a built-in CRM, it helps you collect customer reports, tracks email performance, and integrates with many other tools, including standalone CRM solutions.


CoSchedule helps marketers plan, organize, and distribute content across multiple channels. This software makes the marketing process easier by automating tasks and integrating with popular apps such as WordPress, Chrome, and Google Docs. Its integration with marketing automation tools like Zapier gives you access to hundreds of other solutions. And, it is free for 14 days! So, why should you use CoSchedule?

A headline analyzer is included in the free plan of CoSchedule. This tool uses a powerful data set to evaluate the content and provide suggestions on how to write headlines that will attract customers. A powerful reporting tool is also available in the marketing suite. It can help you design efficient workflows, catalog files, and control assets. Whether you need to automate a campaign or create a content calendar for all your posts, CoSchedule is the perfect solution for all your marketing needs.

Another feature that makes CoSchedule a must-have marketing tool is its ability to manage multiple projects at once. You can use it to plan content for your website, blog, social media, and email marketing campaigns, as well as to measure their performance. By keeping track of all your marketing projects, CoSchedule will help you avoid running behind schedule. Its color-coded interface will help you organize projects and keep them organized.


Instagram marketers should invest their advertising budgets in tools like LeeTags. These tools analyze popular hashtags and suggest hundreds of new ones based on their relevance to the brand. Moreover, they let you save search results and hashtag categories for future reference. It also allows you to create a list of hashtags that you find interesting. Another feature of LeeTags is that it can edit photos and videos. In comparison to Instagram, you get limited options for editing a photo. Hence, LeeTags can be a must-have for any marketer.

With the help of LeeTags, you can create and store custom hashtag lists, which will help you plan and schedule the right type of posts and photos. Moreover, the app can also help you find popular hashtags in your niche. It also helps you create hashtags according to your niche and helps you create a relevant hashtag list. This is an excellent tool for marketers looking to grow their following on Instagram. You can use it for your business or brand accounts, and the best thing is, that it’s free.


There are several marketing tools that you should consider using to boost your social media marketing strategy. While Hootsuite and Buffer both have their advantages, Pablo has some advantages of its own. Its Pablo image-enhancing tool allows you to customize any image to fit your brand’s style. You can add text, images, and filters to each image, as well as select different sizes and logos. You won’t need to be an expert photographer to use Pablo!

Pablo offers 25 font styles and 600 stock images, giving you plenty of options to customize your content. Its minimalistic design principle makes it easy to use. You can share your content directly to social media platforms and schedule posts on Buffer. Pablo is easy to use and doesn’t require you to log in to post, which makes it especially user-friendly for a beginner. Pablo also integrates with PiktoChart, a web-based content creation tool that requires no advanced design knowledge.


Developed by the entrepreneur Marcus Taylor, TrueNorth is a digital marketing platform that makes the process of marketing simple and effective. The platform is an integrated set of marketing tools designed to optimize the process and increase the efficiency of the marketing team. In addition to its marketing tools, TrueNorth features a methodology known as Growth Ops, which stresses accountability and agility. Its platform includes tools to track and measure marketing campaigns, as well as analytics to improve results.

With TrueNorth, companies can easily project the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns before launching them into production. They can use predictive analytics to test campaign ideas and optimize them until they meet minimum thresholds. This allows them to dump the campaign that has failed to generate the desired ROI. Moreover, marketers can compare their campaigns’ results against their predictions in order to optimize their budgets and focus on the ones that are producing the best results.

TrueNorth is an online tool that helps SaaS companies and software teams meet their marketing goals faster. With its integrated analytics, it helps businesses compare campaign creatives, check ROI targets, manage campaign ideas, and more. Using TrueNorth, marketing teams can maximize sales and decrease costs. So, why should you choose TrueNorth? Let’s discuss its benefits. So, what makes TrueNorth so special? Why are these tools a must-have?